A man in Dunedin, New Zealand one day was surprised to see a random horse inside his house. I mean, can you imagine? This friendly horse made himself at home like it wasn’t a big deal!

Ben Telfer-Hynes

It turns out that Sharq had sneaked out of his owner’s house a few days ago to see the neighborhood. It was then that he entered the house of a stranger, Doug Reno, who used Facebook to say:

“Does anyone in Highcliff lose a horse? This has come and eaten half my dinner as well as carrots from my wife’s garden. We will keep it as a pet if we don’t claim it.”

Sharq’s owner, Ben Telfer Haynes, was alerted to the post and relieved but not surprised to find his horse this way. As an inner horse, East had nothing to do with entering this person’s house!

The companion horse has been safely brought home with its owner, and no one will know for sure all of Sharq’s adventures while he is away. But it is clear that the houses of Dunedin, New Zealand, still welcome such thrill seekers!

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