A Young Girl Performs a Heroic Action for the Sake of Stray Dogs


It may surprise a lot of people to know that it is actually illegal to feed stray dogs in the city of Houston, Texas. While this law is probably very difficult to enforce, it is still a law that could give people very real consequences. The girl portrayed in this video, Nicole, is defiantly going against the law in order to get stray dogs the food that they need.

The video’s narration implores people to look at their own ethics, getting them to think about whether Nicole should be considered heroic for helping the needy or unethical for breaking the law. The moral argument between legalism and utilitarianism has always been an interesting one, and it is certainly an argument that many people will have after viewing this particular video. People all over Facebook will probably start these sorts of discussions after viewing this video, and many of them will be on Nicole’s side.

World Animal Awareness Society