A Young Elementary School Student Articulately Outlines Problems With School Testing


Standardized testing has been criticized in many different circles. Many people have said that it ultimately disrupts genuine education, and that the results of standardized tests do not necessarily reflect the academic performance of many students. Standardized tests have been criticized in terms of their ability to properly measure almost anything. In this video, a fourth grade student manages to read aloud a written speech that nicely deconstructs the practice of standardized testing, demonstrating all of its flaws in detail.

The student in the video is a great speaker with fantastic oral presentation skills. She makes the necessary points more effectively and more articulately than many adults would, and she clearly manages to speak from experience with regards to the tests. She is a person who is still going to be affected by the results of these sorts of tests directly, which gives her opinion a lot of weight. Many people on Facebook would love this video.