Woman Screaming For Her Driver’s License

There are so many things policemen encounter in their line of duty. Some ugly, some funny and some qualify to enter the Guinness Book of Records. For instance, this is a video that shows you exactly some of the predicaments policemen have to deal with.

This is a video of a woman who looks old enough being stopped by a policeman. It is not clear what her offense is but judging from her reaction when the policeman asks for her driver’s license, it is clear there is something she has done wrong.


The woman doesn’t want to surrender her license to the police. So when the policeman snatches it from her, she bursts into a loud scream and falls down on her belly. Even with intervention of the man who was with her, she doesn’t calm down. She screams so loudly next to a highway and she looks like she doesn’t care who sees her. This is the type of a video you ought to SHARE in Facebook.


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