Following the abuse she experienced at the hands of her husband, Don Widener, Marsha Widener commemorated his passing in a distinct way. Instead of choosing a conventional farewell, Marsha utilized social media to give her late husband what she considered a suitable send-off.

During their time together, Don demeaned and manipulated Marsha, and his own family rejected him following his death. As a result, Marsha opted to pay homage to him by discarding his ashes in the trash

Marsha was seen holding a box that contained Don’s ashes while explaining her actions to the camera. Although she was aware that some individuals may not comprehend her decision, Marsha believed it was the appropriate course of action. Don’s family did not want him, and neither did his brother nor his children. Marsha revealed that they wanted to dispose of Don in either the gutter or the toilet.

Given that Don was previously employed as a garbage man, which entailed transferring waste from industries to landfills, Marsha believed that it was appropriate to discard his ashes in the same manner. She considered it a form of retribution for all the pain and suffering that he had caused his family. In the video, Marsha emptied Don’s ashes into the trash, allowing them to fall onto the ground. She then proceeded to crush the ashes into the dirt with her foot before emptying the remaining ashes into the bin. As the final traces of ashes fell in, Marsha uttered, “Adios, amigo.”

Marsha’s decision to dispose of Don’s ashes in the trash may appear extreme, but it was her way of handling the abuse she had experienced during their marriage. It was also her way of taking a stand for herself and her family. Although it may not be considered a conventional way to bid farewell, Marsha believed that it was the appropriate way for her to overcome the agony and distress that Don had inflicted upon her.

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