You Will Be Amazed at This New Bicycle Pod and the Features It Offers Riders


Everyone know bicycles offer a great form of exercise and transportation. Unfortunately, they are not always practical during certain types of weather and on some terrain. In this video, you will be introduced to this new bicycle-vehicle by its inventor. Because the bicycle is completely covered, one can ride in all types of weather without being worried about exposure. Not only is this pod vehicle attractive, it is truly fun to drive!

Imagine being able to ride almost anywhere you like on your bicycle, even on ice and snow, without fear. This invention seeks to give riders a better option for transportation that offers more comfort and security than a traditional bike can. This imaginative idea was invented by Mikael Kjellman who is hoping his invention will become the next biggest mode of non-gasoline transportation. Through this video, he hopes to gain attention and support so his dream can become a reality. Check out this video and Please SHARE on Facebook for the world to see!

Mikael Kjellman