On the beach we often come across different objects. Sand, shells, rocks – all harmless, right? A couple thought they had seen a rock on the coast, but they made a fortune instead. Sometimes you have to trust your intuition.

Great discoveries

Many of us saw a variety of items on the beach. Some people have discovered historical treasures, while others have discovered fossils of species that lived on Earth millions of years ago.

A couple was always looking for a unique piece to add to their collection. You will never come across anything worth bragging about. That was until I found a strange rock on one of the trails. It was once clear that this was no ordinary stone.


Angela and Gary Williams love to spend time in nature whenever the opportunity arises. In 2016, Gary was 48 and worked as an engineer while Angela was 49 and worked as a nurse.

Many of us like to spend the week indoors and the weekends outside. These two don’t look any different. They were spotted on the beach at Middleton Sands in England, always looking for something unknown.

detection detection

Angela and Gary are used to seeing a variety of things from regular beach walks. They had never found anything like this before, but that changed in 2016.

The man saw something in the distance and went to look. At first glance it looked like a different stretch of beach. However, as Angela and Gary got closer, it became clear that this was more than just a stone.

If we look back in time

Fossils have washed up on beaches around the world and many have been discovered on beaches. The Jurassic Coast in Dorset, UK, the Calvert Cliffs in Maryland, US and Qualcim Conservation Park near Nangite, Australia are known for their fossils.

The rarer the find, the larger and more preserved the fossil. At first glance, it appeared that this unusual rock was a dinosaur egg. Only a few fossilized dinosaur eggs have ever been discovered in the world.

Detecting the hints

When Angela and Gary got a closer look, they realized it wasn’t just any rock. Rather than the smooth smoothness of the other stones on the shore, it appeared to have a sticky, waxy texture.

That wasn’t the only indication that this wasn’t just any rock. The object was also encrusted with numerous stones and shells. Even if it was merely a rock, Angela and Gary had never seen anything like it.

An odor that stands out

Angela and Gary were perplexed by more than simply Angela’s appearance. It wasn’t the sea spray, but there was something else in the air. The rock was surrounded by an obnoxious odor.

The bizarre object was in close proximity to a variety of rotting fish, but this scent was even worse. The boulder smelt like a cross between “farmyard manure” and “a squid,” according to Gary, who subsequently told the British publication The Mirror that it wasn’t something most of us would like to find on the beach.

An immediate response

While many of us were perplexed – and disgusted – by the weird rock’s appearance and stench, Angela and Gary were confident that they knew what it was. On the beach, the couple had read an article about something similar.

Ambergris is the answer. To put it another way, whale stuff. Although it sounded like something most of us would want to avoid, Angela and Gary realized it was a fantastic find.

There was no one in sight.

If they were correct, Angela and Gary would have to take good care of their new acquisition. After all, it could be really valuable. The pair was taken aback by the fact that no one else was present. It was, however, a quiet stretch of the beach.

They happened to be at the right place at the right time, so they seized the opportunity and kept the find. Angela and Gary wrapped the rock in a scarf and returned home to continue their investigation.

A substantial amount of weight

When they returned home, they weighed their find. Gary instantly determined the ambergris weighed 3.5 pounds using his fishing scales. This ambergris was around half the size of another chunk discovered on the same beach several years ago.

Angela and Gary now had to make some decisions. They might keep the piece or sell the ambergris to someone else. The couple decided to keep it hidden in a safe until they could figure out what to do with it.

What exactly is ambergris? It’s created in a whale’s intestines’ bile ducts. It is used to assist sharp things, such as animal bones or squid beaks, in passing through a whale without becoming entangled or stuck.

Until it’s no longer needed, it works as an interior lubricant. When a whale’s ambergris has been used, it is passed out of one of the whale’s ends. No one knows which end it comes out of or where this material is released.

Ambergris is called as “floating gold” for a reason: it is one of the most valuable chemicals on the planet. This is due to the fact that it is so rare, and no one knows where it will turn up.

It’s usually waxy and gray or black. Angela and Gary described their find as looking like a solid rubber ball but feeling like a wax candle in their hands. Ambergris can spend years eroding in the sea before washing up on the beach.

Because it’s used in so many high-end perfumes, ambergris is quite pricey. The foul odor emanating from the rock-like substance is one of the first things people notice about the discovery.

In fact, this is frequently how individuals come across ambergris. It does, however, develop a lovely, earthy aroma as it ages. This not only smells a lot better than it did before, but it also helps the perfume stay a lot longer.

Ambergris isn’t a novel substance, as it turns out. For ages, it has been utilized in a variety of perfumes. It has, however, been used for more than just making perfumes. Ancient Egyptians utilized it as well.

Of course, entering a pyramid isn’t usually the most pleasant experience. They made the decision to deal with the problem. To help sweeten things up, they would burn ambergris as incense. Most things, we’re sure, smelled better than the inside of a pyramid.

Ambergris was discovered to have been utilized in a conspiracy to assassinate King Charles II, the previous king of England. In the 1600s, Charles controlled the country until he died abruptly. Nobody knows exactly what happened.

However, there have been suggestions that Charles was poisoned. The prince was said to have liked ambergris and eggs as his dying meal. If this is true, the aroma and flavor of ambergris would have been sufficient to mask any traces of poison.

Despite the fact that Angela and Gary had discovered an exceptionally beautiful bit of nature, they needed to be cautious about their next move. This is due to the fact that many countries prohibit the trading or ownership of ambergris.

The United States is one of many countries that have prohibited the trade because whales are endangered. Ambergris commerce, on the other hand, is major business in France, where perfume houses like Chanel and Lanvin are known for employing the chemical to extend the life of their perfumes.

People from all over the world wanted a piece of the ambergris action soon after the couple discovered it. Dealers in New Zealand and France contacted Angela and Gary, expressing interest in the lump.

There was no way of knowing how much the couple would be able to get for their find, but recent ambergris auctions suggested they may make around $100,000. All Angela and Gary needed to do now was locate the perfect buyer.

Thankfully, Angela and Gary had already made up their minds about how they would spend their money. The couple had a long-held desire of owning a static trailer and planned to use their money to make it a reality.

Angela and Gary couldn’t believe their eyes when they discovered the rock-like substance on the beach. They had no idea that one walk would be enough to transform their entire lives for the better.

Angela and Gary aren’t the only ones who have discovered ambergris in the same area of the United Kingdom. A few days later, Ken Wilman was walking his boxer dog, Madge, along the beach when his dog discovered something that needed to be investigated.

Madge began digging into the shore after smelling something, and the dog uncovered a six-pound chunk of ambergris waiting to be discovered. Ken, on the other hand, had no idea what the two had discovered.

Because of the foul odor emanating from the rock, Ken recognized it was something out of the ordinary. Ken didn’t know how expensive it could be until he returned home and conducted some research on the internet.

Ken, believe it or not, abandoned the ambergris on the shore because it smelled so horrible. He raced back to retrieve it and bring it home as soon as he realized it could be worth a lot of money.

According to The Mirror, a dealer in France instantly offered Ken £43,000 (about $54,800), but experts say that if Ken had waited for the appropriate buyer, he might have gotten at least double the sum on the table.

Ken couldn’t have gotten the money at a better moment. He’d been jobless since a motorcycle accident left him with a back problem that made finding work difficult. Ken was merely at the right place at the right time – plus he had a dog with a nose for cash.

Ken decided to send a sample of his find to France to ensure that it was genuine ambergris and not a dud. It would be like winning the jackpot, Ken told The Mirror, if everything came back definitive.

It’s not every day you come across a sack of cash on the beach. While he needed to locate a buyer for the ambergris, there were plenty of people willing to make Ken an offer.

Ken’s discovery was “quite a find,” according to Chris Hills, who works at Cumbria’s Aquarium of the Lakes. Over the years, there have been tiny pieces of ambergris, but this was a substantial piece.

Before they could place a price on Ken’s ambergris, experts needed to figure out how old the find was. Even still, Chris estimated it could have made roughly $180,000 if the appropriate buyer had been willing to pay the asking price. All Ken had to do was cross his fingers.

Allowing it to mature

Finding a piece of ambergris and turning it into something usable isn’t as straightforward as finding a piece and producing perfume. It must be of the appropriate age to ensure that the foul odor has vanished and been replaced by a sweeter one.

This can take a long time. Chris went on to tell The Mirror that ambergris would most likely be purchased by European collectors and aged “like a great wine” before being evaluated as a perfume.

Jumrus Thiachot is thought to have discovered the most costly piece of ambergris ever discovered in 2019. The 55-year-old fisherman was walking along a Thai beach when he noticed something unusual.

Jumrus, like so many others, had no idea what it could be. He chose to keep the treasure in his shed while continuing to work at his regular employment to make ends meet. Jumrus decided to ask his neighbor about the artwork. The couple cut chunks out of the lump, but they had no idea what it was.

Jumrus was determined to learn more about what it could be, so he sought professional advice from the authorities. Officers came shortly after and conducted their own testing, which yielded a rapid result.

Jumrus had discovered a 14-pound lump of ambergris, which was more than simply a sticky rock. Jumrus was getting advice from the authorities on what he should do next. Due to the enormous size of the lump, it is estimated to be worth up to $320,000.

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