Video Proves that a Handful of University Students Don’t Know the Basics


When it comes to university students, one would expect them to be educated individuals who know the basics about the history of the country that they live in, but this video proves otherwise.

In this video, you will watch an anchorman in the beach asking basic history questions to young university men and women. You will be surprised how many of them didn’t know what to respond to the simple question that they were being asked.

One lady didn’t even know who George Washington was. It is definitely quite embarrassing to know that these are the type of individuals who are going to run this country in a few years from now, but maybe this situation made them realize that they have to hit the books more often than the beach.

This video has a few moments that might make one cringe which is one the main reasons it has surpassed the one million views. Watch it and see for yourself. Don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook so that they can have a couple of cringes, too.