A Veteran Tells Her Story About Her Experiences in Iraq and What it Was Like Coming Home At Last


Veterans have experiences that people on the outside are usually not going to be able to understand, which the veteran in this video says outright. She talks about what it was like to join the army and go to the Iraq War. She also talks about what it was like going back, only to be diagnosed with PTSD.

When viewers see the veteran in the present, she is coaching a youth basketball team. It is possible that this experience is very therapeutic for her, and in this video, she makes it very clear that she believes in the power of sports at a cultural level. The video manages to humanize veterans while at the same time drawing attention to their unique struggles. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is important for veterans to be able to tell their stories, and many viewers will be able to relate to this one if they are connected to the army.