Two Love Birds with Down’s Syndrome Reflect What Love Is All about


Numerous of individuals around the globe believe that those people who have Down’s syndrome are limited when it comes to the things that they can do, but is that really the case? According to what this video reflects, that is very far from the truth.

This video, which has been watched by almost one million individuals in just a matter of weeks, showcases Tim and his girlfriend. Both of them suffer from this condition, but it seems like they live like anybody else.
You see, Tim has a business. He owns a restaurant, but he has opted to give all of it away in order to move in with his girlfriend in another region. He is going the extra mile for love. His business is a total success, but he prefers to opt for love. Quite fantastic!

This is definitely a very incredible video of two individuals who reflect what love is all about. We invite you to watch it, as well as to rate it. Don’t forget to SHARE it with all of your Facebook and Twitter pals.

CBS Evening News