When You Try To Save One Dog But End Up Saving Six


Dogs are the best companions humans could have ever got. Yet, many street dogs are unable to live a life like they should.

The Touching Story of A Dog in Distress

When a person is good from within, even the Lord wants to help him in every way possible. Though animals cannot talk their heart out and express their feelings, we humans need to be considerate towards them in all ways possible. Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend but not all humans think the same.

In this video, we come across Gemma a white German shepherd suffering from a skin problem called Demodectic Mange. Gemma was left in a shelter instead of being taken to the vet by her owners after which a rescuer at St. Bonnie’s took her in and got her treated completely. It was then that she discovered that Gemma was pregnant and she gave birth to 5 healthy little puppies soon.

Little did the rescuer know that by saving Gemma’s life, she actually saved 6! Just like humans, animals too need loads of love and care. Gemma was re-adopted into a loving family where she found friends for a lifetime. If you loved this heart warming video, why not SHARE it on Facebook for all to see? This could just make someone smile, and make them do their own good deed for the day.