Sweet Bird Beautifully Sings “If You’re Happy And You Know It”

This bird is truly happy and he surely knows it! This video features a beautiful one-year-old white Cockatiel who loves singing. He is so joyful while performing “If You’re Happy and You Know It”. Instead of clapping his hands, he gives his little head a shake in the most adorable way possible! If this has not been the best of days for you, allow this little guy to cheer you up and you will soon be singing along.


It is amazing how birds are able to learn songs and sing them so flawlessly! This beautiful bird wants to help others be as happy as he is so he sings with all his heart. This is the kind of video that can cheer anyone up, no matter what they might be going through! This bird is clearly a star and deserves to be recognized for his talent. Check out his sweet song and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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