This Special Needs Dog Is Perfect in the Eyes of Her Family


Noel is an almost entirely white Australian Sheperd who is Double Merle. This means that both of Noel’s parents carried the merle gene. Unfortunately, this is what caused Noel’s beautiful white coat, her hearing deficiency, and her blindness. Although she is a special needs dog, her family quickly learned she was a fighter and no different than any of their other dogs in her ability to live a happy life. Watching this video will make your heart lighter as you realize adversity truly can be overcome!

Noel was found in a shelter by her adoptive family who knew they had to make her life better. Although Noel is blind in one eye and only sees shadows in the other, this does not slow her down a bit. She keeps up with her family and is a joy to watch. This video hopes to spread the word about special needs dogs and how they can become an integral part of a family.

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