Something Made of Styrofoam Can be Turned Into Something Made of Aluminum


Many people might be skeptical about the idea of turning a Styrofoam model gun into an aluminum model gun, but this video will show them how to do just that if they are interested. The video makes references to previous videos in which other steps of the process were demonstrated. For instance, the aluminum that was necessary for the process in the first place was made from recycled aluminum cans.

People might need to watch older videos first in order to understand the issue. However, otherwise the video provides a solid step-by-step process for the people who are actually interested in doing a craft project like this. They will see the steps demonstrated in front of them, and they will be able to get a sense of how to perform the process based on the narration. Many people on Facebook would be interested in this process, which might encourage them to SHARE the video.

Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”