A Short Wonderful Film “Identity”


This is one of the best short movies I have come across this year. The movie is called identity and the story in this movie revolves around a girl we see in the movie as the main character. The movie depicts people living in a world where people do not know their identity. The people in this movie wear masks.

When I try to think about this movie, I just don’t understand how the people in this world would be identifying each other. People live in a place and they wear the mask all the time. It is as if you will never know who the people around you are and what makes this situation funny is the fact that people in this movie look at the mirror while they are still wearing masks. This is really funny. If people lived in such a manner, then they would never know how they really looked like. That’s why the movies is called identity.

A brave girl discovers the truth and she sets herself free from the situation. Anyway, this movie aims to teach youths about “identity” which is project for the youth in schools. The movie aims to spread the idea where the society should not define an individual. An individual is only supposed to define himself.

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