She Sections Her Front Hair Into A Triangle Then Cuts It, The Outcome? I Need A Bang Like That One!


Hair styling helps a woman attain a pleasing look, but unfortunately most of them are expensive. Luckily, if you are looking to have your own bangs without the need of looking for a hair stylist, here is a cheap and simple trick to follow.

• First, section your hair into a triangle. To attain this, get a comb and place it on your head to measure where to start, then followed by parting the hair downwards on both sides.
Advice: don’t start making your bangs too far forward because it will make your head look small and weird.

• Comb the triangle sectioned hair that had been parted to make sure that it is on the both sides so as to cover the face on your forehead. Remember to get a clip and hold the other hair back together to avoid disturbance during the bang making process.

• Once well combed towards the front, grab it with your hands and twist it followed by pulling it downwards before cutting it straight using a pair of sharp scissors to avoid a bad and jagged cut.

• Comb again and repeat the before process of grabbing and holding then cutting.

• When you see that your bangs are starting to flare up, curl them.

• After curling, you will see that at the sides it has longer hair then at the forehead. Comb them thoroughly before getting a pair of scissors and start clipping at starting at the eye lash level and cutting it through to reach just above the eye brow level.

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Carly Humbert