Scared, Lonely, and Matted Poodle Finally Rescued After Six Long Months


Melanie and Elliot Smith of Blue Guardian Rescue were called to try and trap a poor, scared, injured poodle who had been running wild in a large park area for almost six months. Sickly and on its own, this video shows just how terrified this little dog truly is, and you can see why she so desperately needed help. Named “Tootsie” by those who had previously tried to catch her, Blue Guardian was specifically called in by other rescue teams in order to help save Tootsie’s life – and they did.

Matted and scared, it’s not unusual for dogs to behave erratically when encountering humans or any other perceived threat. However, this can be very dangerous when there are cars and children around, as either one can experience severe injury – or death – when all their trying to do is protect themselves. Plus, after living so long in such terrible conditions, a matted dog can easily contract disease and skin disorders, and since dogs are pack animals, they get extremely scared and lonely.

Luckily, Blue Guardian Rescue was able to capture Tootsie and start her on the road to rehabilitation. It took a while to get it right, but ultimately they saved her without anyone being harmed. So many animals need our help, and all this beautiful dog needed was a little care and a little love. See how they are finally able to contain Tootsie in this video, and please SHARE on Facebook.

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