On the internet, an outpouring of support flooded Grover’s social media accounts from both women and men alike.

“This is absolute madness; enough with the disrespect towards our beautiful mothers,” read one tweet.

“To reduce something as profound as motherhood to merely the act of giving birth is not just offensive but entirely misguided,” commented another user.

“Seems like they’re preparing us for birthing pods and artificial births in a few generations. If it feels dehumanizing… that’s the intention,” read another tweet.

“This is absolutely outrageous – if you give birth, you’re a mother, plain and simple. Why change language to cater to a tiny minority who might take offense, rather than respecting the majority who won’t?”

“What’s with this obsession with erasing the term ‘women’?”

However, not everyone sided with Grover, pointing out that the change could help avoid confusion in situations involving surrogate mothers.

“My wife’s ex-wife gave birth to our daughter. What on earth would they expect us to put on the form? ‘Inclusivity’ once again ends up being incredibly exclusive,” one user wrote.

“My son calls me Mumma, and my partner is Mummy. He has two mothers. There’s nothing exclusionary about it. If anything, it’s more inclusive and helps distinguish which mother gave birth,” tweeted @SaraSassypants

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