This is Really Cute: German Shepherd Dog Plays With Baby


The thought of a baby and a German Shepherd dog within close range of each other would usually cause alarm, but in this video, something really cute happened.

A five-month old boy is lying down with the German Shepherd, Frejya, standing next to him with one of her toys. The dog begins to play with the toy next to the boy and tries to put it in his hands. The baby, evidently pleased with his new best friend, begins to laugh and giggle while his father records all of the action.

What makes this video even more amazing is that German Shepherds are notoriously aggressive. They are often used as guide dogs and have a tendency to be violent, if they haven’t been properly trained and socialized.

However, this clip dispels all of that and proves that dogs and humans really are best friends. Please share this video on Facebook.