Pregnant Prankster Girlfriend Ends Up Getting an Unexpected Surprise of Her Own

Some people are easier to prank than others, but when you’re pulling the ultimate prank – like trying to convince your boyfriend you’re pregnant – you better be prepared for the reaction. In this video, this girl got a little more than she bargained for, but it’s pretty funny!

This “pregnant” girlfriend sits her boyfriend down to break the news that she hasn’t been taking the pill for a few months, and even comes prepared with a fake positive pregnancy test and an ultrasound for full effect. He asks her if she’s pranking. She says, “no.” In fact, she tells him several times. But then, after her boyfriend gives her multiple opportunities to come clean about whether she’s serious or not, he drops a bombshell of his own: he can’t have children. Oops! I’ll bet she didn’t see that coming.


This is definitely a prank-gone-wrong with a lot of drama, that’s for sure! After trying to deceive her boyfriend, now the girlfriend is being accused of cheating and is finding out that her boyfriend left her in the dark for 3 years about his infertility. Could it get any worse? Well, it doesn’t end as bad as it sounds, and it will probably make you smile. So, watch the video, and see who the true master prankster in this video really is – and please SHARE on Facebook.


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