This One Year Old Baby Was Left In The Dark At A Local Daycare


During this dramatic rescue video, a group of firefighters and police officers broke into a daycare that had been closed for the day. As you will hear in the video, there is a baby inside the daycare crying loudly. As the firefighters broke the door open they search the daycare for the child. Using flashlights, they scan the daycare and finally they come to the room where the child was.

The one-year-old baby is laying on the floor crying her eyes out. The room is totally dark and the child was very scared. It seems that the baby was forgotten by the workers of the daycare center and left to her own devices as they went home for the day.

The father of the child had arrived late to get the baby and was very upset that his child was left alone in the pitch black dark room. Please SHARE this video with everyone you know on Facebook. Maybe seeing the video will help prevent this from happening to another child.

Viral newzz