This Is One Strange Act That Will Have You Puzzled From the Very Beginning

If you have ever watched America’s Got Talent, you know there have been many strange acts to cross the stage and attempt to say they have the talent the show is looking for. When this guy comes out, he has tape across his mouth which immediately causes Simon and the rest of the judges to be puzzled at his attire. When they question him about his talent, he points to his mouth, in a way to say he cannot answer. When you see him begin to “perform”, you will likely be shocked!


This man’s talent is quite unique and is hilarious to watch. Though weird, this strange performer will actually endear himself to you by the end of the audition. The judges are in complete shock throughout the performance and this weird man even gets a big smile from Simon! Although this is not your typical audition performance, it is one that will hold your interest until the very end. If you think this strange man has talent, Please SHARE on Facebook!

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