Observing the Adorable Little Pygmy Jerboa In Action


Many rodents have the reputation for being extremely cute, but few of them are going to look as notably adorable as the pygmy jerboa displayed in this video. The pygmy jerboa is a type of rodent that is going to be unfamiliar to a lot of people, which is just going to make the video that much more effective. A lot of viewers are going to be surprised the first time they see the pygmy jerboa.

The pygmy jerboa almost looks like a miniature kangaroo, or someone’s conception of a kangaroo mouse. The little creature is so tiny in relation to its surroundings that the camera has to zoom in on it for the details to be visible. The pygmy jerboa appears to be in a world of its own in this video, which only makes it cuter. People on Facebook would probably quickly get hooked on this video, and they would try to hook their friends.