Meet a real life Time Lord here on Earth


No this is not some advertisement for a new episode of the Dr. Who show, instead this video is based on a real life doctor who holds the nickname of Time Lord. In the video you are going to meet Dr. Judah Levine, a doctor of time so to speak. It is his job to keep time standardized through the use of atomic clocks and maintenance out of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It is here that measurements and distance, time and other measurements are all kept standard and maintained.

His job is to make sure that everything is running at optimum performance level, keeping an accurate account of time. This effects all cell phones, internet, wall street, and anything that is tracked through a time keeping system. Without it, it could actually destroy much technology that we use today, or at least throw it completely out of whack. The irony in all of this is that Dr. Judah Levine doesn’t even wear a watch, as he finds it to be too distracting. He talks about what he does in the video as well as what happens if all the clock happened to be shut off at the same time. If you find this video interesting than, please SHARE on Facebook for everyone else to see.


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