Man Proposes At Waterfall And Drops The Ring In The River!

This video shows an idyllic scene that takes place at Cunningham Falls in Maryland. When a man pops the question at this romantic location, his girlfriend is shocked and immediately embraces him. After she said yes, the man tries to put the ring on her finger and it somehow falls on the rocks below them and gets whisked away by the river. Although they try to retrieve it, it is long gone!


What a horrible end to such a romantic moment! She barely even got a glance at the ring before it went into the water. This poor man just lost a lot of money and now he has to replace the ring. Although this is a tough moment to get over, their love is sure to see them through. She probably does not even care much about the ring because she has his love! Enjoy the video and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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