This little diva in the making sounds like she is already learning how to “adult”

When you watch this video, you are going to laugh because you will likely hear some things you have said yourself. This little girl is absolutely fabulous and she is already learning what it means to adult. It sounds like someone has been listening to their mom talk to her friends!

You will love the part when she makes up the excuse about being busy all day. This little girl is on a roll and knows exactly how to come back with the perfect responses to every situation she encounters. From her makeup to her expressions, the entire video is hilarious and will make you want to watch over and over again.


Almost every woman will be able to find herself in the way this little girl talks. She has plenty of sass to offer and will have you rolling with laughter. This girl should win an Oscar for this performance! Maybe she will grow up to be a famous actress. Enjoy and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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