Learn Seven Easy Ways to Cut Up Onions For Your Favorite Recipes

If you are tired of cutting up onions the traditional way, don’t miss this informative video. When you see the zany ways this guy “cuts” onions, you will never want to use the traditional knife method again! Although this video is meant to be satire, it is fun to watch and may get you thinking about unique ideas of your own. This will likely be one of the most entertaining cooking videos you have ever had the pleasure of watching!


It is hilarious to see the antics that are used in chopping these onions. From using a battery to throwing the onion against the wall, these methods are so fun and inventive. It is crazy to see how the onion responds to these silly cutting methods. This is a video that should likely contain a warning of Do Not Try This at Home! If you think this video is quite entertaining, Please SHARE on Facebook and fool your friends.

You Suck At Cooking

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