Learn How to Make This Rich and Chocolaty Mug Brownie Recipe in Your Microwave


Making brownies is a labor of love that often requires a long process and waiting time. In this video, you will learn how you can make a single-serve mug brownie that is perfect for an afternoon snack for appeasing your sweet tooth. For this video recipe, you will only need cocoa powder, brown sugar, flour, one egg, coconut oil, coffee, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. The instructions in this video are simple to follow so even children can enjoy making this recipe.

After you have combined all of the ingredients in this video recipe, you will simply need to pour your brownie batter into your favorite mug and microwave it for five minutes. Who would have thought you could make a homemade brownie in such a short amount of time! This delicious and decadent brownie will soon be all yours! Top with some coarse salt or ice cream and you have the perfect dessert treat. After you have learned to make this brownie, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can learn too!

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