Learn How To Make Homemade Cream Cheese With Only Two Ingredients!

Cream cheese is one of those soft and mild cheeses that works so well with many recipes. Unfortunately, there are some areas of the world where it can be difficult to find. This video shows you how you can make homemade cream cheese with two simple ingredients you likely have in your fridge. With whole fat milk and lemon juice, you can create a luscious cheese you will love. This video teaches you the easy steps to help you make your cream cheese in no time.


If you follow the directions in the video, you should have no trouble making this deliciously rich cream cheese. As you will see in Gemma’s video, you will simply pour your whole fat milk in the pot and bring it to a simmer. Once it simmers, add lemon juice as she instructs and you will begin to see major changes occurring in your pot. This is when the magic begins! After you have watched this informative video, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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