Jimmy Kimmel Has a Sleepover With Tim McGraw and Faith Hill


This video will have you laughing from the very beginning. In this skit from The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Jimmy visits Tim and Faith in their Nashville home unexpectedly. The antics that ensue will have you laughing out loud! It is hilarious to see how Jimmy and Guillermo unpack their Justin Beiber sleeping bags and pillows while Tim and Faith learn to put up with their strangeness.

When you see what unfolds during the sleepover, you will be shocked! The kiss goodnight takes the cake! Tim and Faith are so frustrated with their unwanted guests, they do all they can to get away from them. The ending moments of the video are absolutely hilarious. Tim and Faith were truly good sports in this funny skit and their fans will get to see a side of them they have never seen. If you love this singing duo, Please SHARE on Facebook so all their fans can see their funny side.

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