Instead of Handing Out Citations, These Cops Hand Out Pizzas!


Can you imagine a cop coming up to you and handing you a gift card for a free slice of pizza simply because you were obeying the law? In a town in New Hampshire, the cops are doing just that. Instead of looking to hand out citations for people breaking the law, they are looking to reward those citizens who truly go out of their way to obey the law. What a novel idea and one that should catch on in all fifty states!

The police force in this town says it has truly changed the way they perform their job. Normally, they would simply be looking for lawbreakers but now they are looking for law obeyers too. In the video, you will see some are quite surprised they are being rewarded. This is a unique idea to engage the community in being more responsible. If you enjoy this video, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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