Incredible Napkin Folding Video Will Ensure That You Can Dazzle Your Friends


Ever wanted to know how to fold fancy napkins? This instructional video shows you nine different patterns to impress your friends at holiday season. You do not have to be an expert as each pattern is explained step-by-step. It’s so easy to learn, and it helps to add that neat final touch at the dinner table.

Patterns include “The Crown”, “The Napkin Candle” and “A Simple Silverware Pouch”. The designs were inspired by a napkin folding class that the maker of the video took while on a Royal Caribbean cruise. It’s a work of art that is in many ways similar to origami. Not many know how to do it, and it looks really complicated, but once you’ve learned the method it’s easy.

So, the next time your hosting your friends at a dinner party, how about making a “Bishop’s Hat” or a “Napkin Rose” for that special, extra touch.Please SHARE this video on Facebook.

Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”