“The first thought that crosses my mind is, ‘There must be someone in our house,’” Jokinen shared with the Dodo. “So, I conduct a security sweep, ensuring there’s no one hiding in closets or anything of the sort. Upon finishing, I’m left thinking, ‘How did this happen? A magical puppy?’”

To unravel the mystery, Jack consulted the security footage. The video revealed that he had forgotten to close the front door before going to bed, and with stormy weather, the wind had blown it wide open.

A Fortunate Encounter

This oversight turned out to be serendipitous for a distressed dog wandering down the street. The canine, hungry and walking on three legs, sought refuge from the elements. Finding an inviting open door, she hesitated briefly before stepping inside. Approximately twenty minutes later, a passerby noticed the open door and, being a good Samaritan, closed it, unknowingly trapping the stray dog in Jack’s living room.

Though Jack, his wife, and their one-month-old baby hadn’t planned on adding another dog to the family, they decided to welcome her since she was already inside. They named her Suzy, dried her off, provided food, and a comfortable resting place.

The following day, they took Suzy to the vet and discovered she was missing a pad on one of her feet, had damaged teeth, was infested with fleas, and required medical attention. Contrary to initial impressions, Suzy was around 9 years old, not a puppy.

Upon Jack’s request for donations to cover medical expenses, he managed to raise $15,000. Regardless of the assistance received, he is committed to caring for his newfound friend. With her golden fur and affectionate eyes, Suzy has found a loving home

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