This Guy Knows How to Perfectly Fold a Paper Airplane and Send It Soaring High


Everyone has folded a paper airplane at some point in their life. Remember back to your school days when you would carefully fold them and then send them flying when the teacher had her back turned to the class! Those were fun times and now you can relive them with this interesting video.

John Collins holds the world record for flying a paper airplane for 226 feet. Throughout his life, he has been fascinated with paper airplanes and the many ways they can be folded and flown. In this video, he shows you how you can easily fold his winning plane, Susanne and have it soaring for a long flight in no time at all! John can make all types of folded airplanes. He even has made one that will work like a boomerang and return to him! His amazing work will have you wanting to get some paper out to make your own planes. After checking out this video, Please SHARE on Facebook!

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