Every now and then someone does something that truly touches the heart and reminds us that there is always faith in humanity, no matter how bad this planet may seem right now. There is always a good spirit to help those in need. We need more people like David Lee Witherspoon!

David was only driving when he saw this homeless man literally crawling with his sock on his hands. It was a hot summer day. The asphalt was hot with coals. This poor man was clearly in pain. It’s dangerous!

In fact, it’s not even smart to walk your pet in the middle of a hot day. The heat of the sidewalks burns the paws. It’s very hot, you know. David knew what this stranger was going through and didn’t try to think twice before rushing over and offering a helping hand. He washes his aching feet with water to make the poor man feel better. the next? You must watch this!

Luckily, one day he captured it all on video. Watch and share with your friends and family. It’s so hot!

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