What would you do if you witness a crime being committed?

Most of us would say they won’t hesitate for a second to save the life of someone. However, if this ever happens to you one day, you’d probably have a different reaction.

When a man and a woman walked into the gas station where Manveer Komer works, he immediately felt that something was not right with them.

While at the station, the first thing they attempted to do is to draw cash from a nearby ATM but it seemed they couldn’t do it, then the couple walked up to the front desk, and the man tried to buy cigarettes with the woman’s credit card.

At that moment, Manveer realized something was wrong.

While reporting to, Komer said that he noticed the woman was terrified of something because she was nervous and trembling

The clerk’s instincts turned out to be true as the guy who was aged 40 years had carjacked the 28 year old lady earlier that day, and since then had driven her around to different ATMs, forcing her to take out as much money as possible.

Komer told the lady to remain inside the store as he went outside to face off the abductor.

“You come stand behind my back,” he told her, reports ABC News. “I’ll help you, no problem.”

The whole intense scene was filmed by the security camera.

The man acted like he had a gun in his pocket, but when he saw that Komer wasn’t budging, he took a chance and jumped into the car and sped off. Luckily, he was caught by the police because he used the woman’s phone which helped the authority to track him down.

Speaking to, Komer, 25-year-old said that he felt like he needed to act because he couldn’t stand watching the helpless woman in that life-threatening situation.

Watch the shocking surveillance tape footage below:

It’s so hard to imagine what anyone would in this situation. That’s why we can say that Manveer’s quick act are very impressive. He was ready to do his best to help the woman.

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