A Fantastic Volcano Video is Created Under Risky and Daring Conditions Using Drones


Modeling volcanoes is useful and dangerous work. Volcanoes and these related areas can give direct glimpses into the interior of the planet. However, the heat and other factors surrounding these areas will make this sort of work very dangerous to all of the scientists and researchers who are trying to learn about the area.

Fortunately, in the modern world, it is easier to shoot these sort of videos than it ever was before as a result of devices like drones. The drones that were used to create some of the footage that was captured in this video were lost all the same, but their sacrifice is certainly not going to be in vain. The loss of the drones demonstrates just how far technology has come in the recent years, while also demonstrating the danger involved with this process. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is fascinating to watch on many levels.

National Geographic