Theresa and Justin’s narrative has sparked inspiration globally.

“See, there are compassionate individuals in this world. Share more uplifting stories rather than focusing on the negative ones. Our country would benefit from such narratives instead of the constant stream of negativity,” remarked Faith Smith-Maguire in response to the video below.

“That gentleman is truly amazing, going out of his way along with others to assist this poor lady. God bless him for possessing a beautiful heart. We need more individuals like him, emphasizing positivity over negativity,” added Alma Delia Chavez.

However, some viewers expressed concern about Theresa’s mental well-being, speculating that she might be dealing with hoarding disorder. According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), individuals with hoarding disorder have a strong urge to save their possessions, impulsively holding onto items that others might discard. “Acquisition of objects in people who hoard is largely impulsive, with little active planning, and triggered by the sight of an object that could be owned,” noted the APA.

“She needs counseling as well, or it will end up the same way again 😕,” wrote Jess Kindt.

Amy Lynn Haskins concurred, stating, “Hopefully, some of the funds collected will go to therapy. Typically, if you just empty out someone’s house that is a hoarder, they will fill it right back up. I’m so glad there are still people out there who help others!”

Regardless, Theresa and Justin’s story underscores the importance of community. Regardless of how overwhelmed someone may feel, a helping hand can make a significant impact.

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