Discover the Amazing Lion Photos Captured By a Camera Mounted on Wheels


Chris McLennan and a buddy came up with a unique idea for capturing photos of ferocious lions. In this video, you will be able to witness these magnificent creatures in all their glory! When Chris’ friend helped him mount his Nikon camera on wheels, the remote controlled vehicle could get up close and personal with these big cats to capture them as no human could.

As you watch this amazing video, you will be able to see these beautiful creatures like never before. It is astounding to see how these curious lions react to the small vehicle that has been lovingly named, Car-L. These beautiful shots are amazing to behold and something everyone should see. If you have a love of lions in the wild, you are sure to enjoy this fun and exciting video. Check it out for yourself and make sure you watch until the end so you do not miss a single shot! Please SHARE on Facebook so the world can see this great video.