Delivering Unconditional Care


For 15 years a mailman has served the same area and community. Working that long in the same place gives everyone a chance to get to know each other.

As a result of this long-standing delivery relationship, the mailman new when something was amiss with one of his customers. A 96 year old woman had fallen days earlier in her home. Unable to get food or drink or even to the phone for several days, she laid on the floor, likely frightened and alone.

The mailman noticed that this woman’s mail and newspapers were accumulating – which never happened. This is when he decided to take action. The mailman first contact the property manager who called the police. While the woman was conscious, she was very weak when found and was taken to the local hospital.

Thanks to the care offered by this mailman, this woman’s life was likely saved. If this video inspired you, SHARE on Facebook.