A Dead Fish Appears To Suddenly Come Back to Life


People who are familiar with nature are often difficult to shock, but nature can surprise even the most jaded individuals. Many people know that chickens have very different nervous systems compared to humans, but the fact that chickens can still stay alive after their heads are removed is still fascinating. With fish, it seems as if this situation is even more extreme. The fish in this video appears to flop around even after its head has been removed and after it has been visibly gutted.

Interpretations of this video are going to vary. Some people will say that the dead fish is simply having a spasm in what remains of its nervous system, which can still happen to corpses. Other people will disagree, and they will argue that the fish is alive. One way or another, the fact that this is a video that can encourage discussion on Facebook is just going to make it that much more fun to SHARE.

Ed Cupp