Creating an Inexpensive Air Conditioner Made From Common Items For Less Than Ten Dollars


Air conditioners are often so expensive that people can’t afford them no matter how much they need them. Creating a makeshift air conditioner like the one portrayed in this video could be the solution for these people. This air conditioner will only cost eight dollars to make, and people should be able to put everything together in only a few minutes, making it particularly valuable.

This video goes into detail about what people will need in order to put together the air conditioner. It also shows people how they should go about putting together the air conditioner itself. People will walk away from this video knowing exactly how to make a device like this. They will mainly need dryer vents, a cooler, a fan, and some cutting tools. Other than that, they will just need some basic mechanical skills, and they will be able to make themselves a great air conditioner. This should be a helpful video for lots of people on Facebook.