The chalet was not easy to find. It was located deep in the woods and surrounded by roads littered with debris. But the explorers walked through all the ruins and what they saw inside was amazing.

Everything inside the cabin was fine as if time had stood still. Several books on the shelves in a room. The room was exactly as the owners left it. There was still food in the kitchen and clothes hanging to dry. The bearded explorer described the cabin as a time capsule.

“It’s what happens to a house when time stands still and goes away so nature can take it back,” he wrote on YouTube.

The couple found a diary from 1993, more than 25 years ago. It was the only indication of how long it had been since anyone had lived there. There were also several black and white photos of a couple who would have been the owners. But the story behind what happened to them remains a mystery.

Watch a tour of the house including the upstairs bedrooms in the video below:

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