Cats are Known For Their Crazy Antics


As everyone that has ever owned a cat can testify too, cats can be a little strange and wild at times. They get a little crazy all on their own, but sometimes get a little too funny with the help of their owners.

This video shows a cat playing with its human in the kitchen of a home. The language might not be one that you understand, but the cat is easy to follow so you won’t be left behind.

The cat sniffs whatever happens to be in the mug that is being held out to it by the owner. And after getting a good whiff begins to wiggle and dance along the floor as if it is the happiest thing on the planet.

This happens a couple of times and then the cat is hesitant to try again, but does anyway.Whether it is catnip or something else, this cat loves whatever is in that mug, and not afraid to dance in appreciation of it.