Despite his formidable name, Juan affectionately describes his canine companion as a tender-hearted dog. Observing his dog’s excitement at the back door, Juan noticed Hades, the affectionate pit bull, creating a stir. Upon opening the door, he discovered a stray cat nestled comfortably inside Hades’ doghouse, adorned with soft blankets that kept her warm. Hades was visibly proud to demonstrate his newfound ability to share.

Despite the playful jests about the cat “stealing” Hades’ abode, Juan humorously responded, jesting that the cat had managed to escape rent payments. Alongside the light-hearted banter, numerous commendations poured in, acknowledging Hades’ remarkable display of kindness toward a stranger and a supposed adversary. People praised Hades for his endearing disposition, describing him and the cat as a heartwarming example of compassion in the world.

Juan intended for readers to recognize the innate gentleness and kindness often exhibited by pit bulls, countering their negative stereotypes. Speaking to The Dodo, Juan emphasized, “Pit bulls are good dogs. Hades put everything aside to help someone else. We should do the same without expecting anything in return.”

This tale serves as a testament to the influence of human behavior on animals, as Hades, inspired by Juan’s compassionate actions toward a stray cat, selflessly offered his doghouse for her comfort and stood guard as she gave birth to her two kittens

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