The Bra Fairy, Bringing Bras to Homeless Women


This video shows what one woman is doing to help other women that are homeless. When a woman is homeless people do donate items such as food and clothing. This is a big help and should be admired. There is something that many people forget to donate that can give a woman some dignity. Many people often forget to donate bras. Dara Marlowe is helping homeless women by collecting and distributing bras to them.

Women are the fastest growing segment of the popular to become homeless. Dara has become known as the Bra Fairy. She collects bras and has many different sizes. In addition to collecting bras Dara has set up a post office box so people from all over the country can send bras to help. Dara is doing her part to help others and encouraging women all over the country to help as well.

The women that receive the bras are thankful. So far Dara has helped over 5,000 women gain some of their pride back. In addition to bras she is also helping bring feminine hygiene products to women as well. Please SHARE in Facebook