How to Achieve Brigitte Bardot’s Beehive Updo


Here’s a question for all the ladies out there: wouldn’t it be great if you could look like Brigitte Bardot? Well, now you can. This superb instructional video will show you how you can achieve her famous beehive updo.

The Brigitte Bardot beehive updo is quite a difficult look to pull off, so it’s important to follow each step carefully and to take your time while doing it. The video shows the intricate steps involved. Of course, the lady doing the video is a professional and she has a great head of hair to work with, so take your time and don’t expect to get things perfect straight away.

This is a really helpful video as every step is provided in comprehensive detail. The friendly uploader has also produced instructional videos for more hairdos, so it’s really worth checking them out. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.

Missy Sue