Despite his youth, Elisey displays masterful prowess at the piano. His fingers glide across the keys with elegance and finesse, the piano’s resonance eventually dominating the accompaniment of the violins.

With his right hand producing a whirlwind of intricate notes, Elisey’s left hand harmonizes seamlessly. Together, they weave a captivating rendition of Mozart’s masterpiece.

As the performance nears its conclusion, Elisey skillfully and emotively glides his fingers over the piano, culminating in a resounding final note that sparks a thunderous applause from the audience. Bowing graciously, he is presented with a bouquet of flowers by a peer of similar age.

Elisey Mysin’s remarkable journey to becoming a virtuoso at such a tender age is truly remarkable. His early initiation into piano playing, as mentioned by Ian Handricks, led him to pursue education at the Central School of Music, housed within the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Theater

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