The mother of four revealed that she never suspected her husband of infidelity, especially with her closest friend. “I had heard rumors about my friend being pregnant and homeless, so I reached out to support her. I felt compelled to help,” shared Custer. “We had just returned from the hospital, and while changing the baby, I noticed the birth defect when she turned her neck. It’s challenging to see in babies, and I wasn’t actively looking for it.”

Custer was shocked when she discovered the truth. She recounted, “When I learned that my friend was right beside me, I looked at her, and it was evident. She couldn’t say anything; she just lowered her head and stared at the floor, and I just knew. In the beginning, I was in a state of shock. I couldn’t grasp what had happened; it felt like a stage of grief.”

Processing the news took some time for Custer. “There’s the shock, the anger, and then you come to the realization that this is real life, this is happening,” she explained.

Ultimately, Custer chose forgiveness. Despite ending her marriage, she has moved forward and forgiven both individuals involved. “Initially, I was in shock for a while. When I first found out, I walked outside and prayed. The words ‘bigger picture’ kept echoing in my head. For me, that meant ‘Stop with your tunnel vision.'”

Despite the betrayal, Custer has continued to support her best friend and her child

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