90-Year-Old Widow Gets the Golden Buzzer With Strip Tease Act


Dorothy Williams has dreamed of being a star for her entire life. Now that she is ninety-years-old, she wants to try and make it big. In this video, she is performing on America’s Got Talent. This is not the kind of performance one would expect from a lady of her age! When she tells Simon she plans on dancing, you can see the look of utter shock cross his face. When she reveals the type of dance she plans on performing, the crowd goes absolutely wild!

When Dorothy begins dancing, it is clear no one expected it! When she starts removing clothing, Simon ducks his head in embarrassment. At the end of the act, the judges begin giving Dorothy their critique of her performance. Suddenly, Nick Cannon comes out and breaks the rules by running and hitting the golden buzzer, showering Dorothy with gold confetti! This is a video you have got to see to believe! If you think Dorothy is a star, Please SHARE on Facebook.

America’s Got Talent